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Take me away from the norm...

I got up this morning around 12...called Daniel and talked to him for a while. Got off the phone with him so he could take a nap before football camp.
So I made me a sandwich and watched some crazy show called Starting Over about all these women who have issues. It's the closest I got to The Real World because we don't have sattelite right now. After I watched that I got dressed and went out in the yard to pick up sticks so mama could mow the grass. The lawn mower wouldn't start so we waited till daddy got home. He came home and got it started...and he ended up just mowing it. So mama took me to the park and me and her walked around it 3 times. I was gonna run but I didn't feel like it.
We left the park and went to Megan and Melissa's so I could get their DMVS book that has everything highlighted so I could "study it". They ended up not having it cause it was in the car that their mom was in and she was gone. So I just messed around with them. On the way home mama let me drive. She kept yelling at me because I like the white line...and not the yellow one in the middle but whatever ;)
Came home and went outside and kicked the soccer ball around with mama and Ollie.

Now I think I might go swimming. I think i'll call Bailey and Jamie tomarrow and see if they want to go to the waterpark tomarrow or something.

Maybe you should comment...and maybe I shall love you ;) <3
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