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Finally back home

Wow...im glad im back home. I do admit I miss California...at least I miss San Francisco.
On Tuesday we left Bailey's aunt and uncle's and we headed back to San Francisco. Slept most of the way...but we finally got there and gto a hotel. Me and Bailey changed and we walked to the train/subway station and got on it. I never been on one before so it was rather scary. We got to the main part of San Francisco and we got on a trolley or a street car or whatever there called. We went down by the bay and we saw all these seals and they were sooo cute. We went to The Hard Rock Cafe and got some stuff then walked around and went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory. We ate dinner there and then got back on the subway. It was pretty scary at night...a lot of homeless people. We got back to the hotel and I took a shower then went to bed. We got an early call and our plane got CANCELLED! GRRRRRR! We had to get up and go to the airport and schedule a new flight. It was earlier than the one we had but we still got home at the same time we would have on the other one. So we sat around the aiport and then checked our bags and what not. Got on the plane..we wern't really looking forward to the 5 hour plane ride. But they played good movies...so it wasn't that bad. We got to Washington D.C at 5:00 and we had to wait there for 4 hours! It was crazy. We left there and we got on the plane...and the plane was soooo SMALL I was sooo scared. We finally got to Savannah at like 11:30. Mama and daddy came and got me and we went to get some food but a lot of things were closed. We got home and I was sooo happy to see my dogs and my mom cleaned my room while I was gone. Woo Hoo! I talked to Daniel for a while then I went to bed. It's crazy trying to get used to California time and then commin back and getting back used to our time.

Yesterday I got up around 9:30 and Daniel came and got me...what do you know, he bought me flowers too. Soo sweet :) Then we went to his house and watched Chappelles show. I had an orthodontist appointment at 2 and he took me to it. Then we went back to his house and enjoyed each others company. He left at like 5 somethin to go up to the school for football and I stayed at his house. I fell asleep and he came home and scared the crap outta me. I got up and we ate dinner then watched Silence of the Lambs..oh yeah. He took me home and I felt bad so I went to bed.

I woke up this morning and just layed around the house...alll day. Mom said she didnt want me doin anything with Daniel cause I havent seen her a lot since I got back...but I mean all Ive been doin all day is sitting around the house...yeah. Very bored.

So ill update later...leave a comment <3
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